Our Philosophy

For more than 20 years PhysioSport has been the means of developing and maintaining health and fitness for active people. We believe that the term "active person" describes as much a 65-year old health-conscious woman participating in regular exercise as an Olympic medal winner!

Since founding PhysioSport in 1980, Klaus Breitung and his colleagues have worked with Germany's top athletes perfecting successful treatment for bodies that need to experience extreme levels of physical duress. In this fashion all patients of PhysioSport can benefit from the resulting high level of expertise and dedication of our PhysioSport therapists.

Amongst others, top players from the following teams are clients of PhysioSport:

  • The German National Basketball Team
  • FC Cologne – Bundesliga football team
  • Alemania Aachen
  • Kölner Haie - Cologne's ice hockey team
  • 99ers- Cologne's basketball team
  • Athletes from the Rhineland Olympic Base

Besides therapy, PhysioSport offers ground-breaking treatment concepts that contribute to both the prevention of illness and the development of individual fitness.

Our state-of-the-art technical equipment supports the healing process and offers the basis for successful therapy.

Success confirms our methods.  Meanwhile we run 6 busy centres across Cologne for your convenience.